Top 5 Benefits of Regular Tile & Grout Cleaning


The kids tracked mud into the house again, your spouse dropped four eggs while trying to bake you a cake, and no one ever remembers to wipe down the shower walls after they’re done. Your tile floors and walls seem to attract dirt, grime, and mildew, and you are tired of it. Time to call in the professionals. Explore these top five benefits of regular tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas for a fresh, sparkling clean home.

1 – Appearances Matter

No one wants to live in a home with dingy and dirty tile or grout that has turned gray and spotty due to caked on dirt or mildew growth. You picked out that tile for a reason – you like how it looks – and want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Regular professional cleaning services keep things looking clean and like new for much longer.

2 – Improve Hygiene and Home Health

Nothing is healthy about grime on your floors. Discolored grout is a sign of permanent stains or mildew and mold growth. Some mold found in the home can negatively impact your health in a big way. Do not trust your regular cleaning solutions to eradicate this potential threat. Besides being simply gross, having dirty tiles and grouts is unhealthy for the whole family including pets.

3 – Minimize Chores

Of course, you have to maintain your tile and grout between professional cleanings, but the experts have solutions that make it easier. You have a busy life, and scrubbing the shower tile and floor in the kitchen may be the last things on your list. Get your kids to wipe their feet, opt for a store-bought cake, and start taking away the WiFi password until the shower tile gets wiped. Then, trust the experienced service provider to treat your tile to an in-depth cleaning on a regular basis.

4 – Save Time and Energy

Scrubbing tile and especially grout is one of those chores that no one really likes. It takes a long time to get all the crevices, and you can get sore hunching over to finish the floor. When you hire a team to provide regular tile and grout cleaning, they come with the right tools and machinery to get the job done quickly and more thoroughly than you can with any scrub brush or mop.

5 – Make Tile and Grout Last Longer

The more thoroughly you take care of any part of your house, the longer it will last in like-new condition. Of course, there is no way to keep tile and grout pristine over the years, but professional cleaners understand how to do this as closely as possible. Not only do they use proper solutions instead of harsh chemicals that could degrade grout, they may offer special treatments than seal and repel grime or mold growth.

Regular tile and grout cleaning is one of the most important and most tiresome chores to tackle around your home. In order to reap the benefits of more attractive, hygienic, low maintenance, and long-lasting floors and walls, schedule regular cleaning services from Triple J Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas to take on the job for you.

Carpet Cleaning Helps with Allergies


In Las Vegas, Nevada, allergies always seem to flare up at the worst times, bringing you into a fit of sneezing and being rashes and bringing all your plans to a halt. Most of the time, allergies tend to be at their worst when you go out and therefore have little control over what you encounter, however, very few people realize that lots of different things within your home can trigger your allergies without you even noticing the cause. One of the biggest triggers for allergies within your home is your carpets. While almost all materials trap fibers and can lead to an allergy flaring up, your carpets are by far one of the biggest causes.

Up to a certain point, carpets do help to prevent your allergies, by trapping the molecules that may be in the air within the carpet, and very rarely releasing them back into the air. Based on this, you may think it would make sense to never clean your carpets, after all, less work and your allergies won’t be triggered while you’re at home. However, this is unfortunately not the case, after a longer period, the molecules that are trapped in your carpets have built up so much that they are no longer being contained safely within the carpet fibres and are instead constantly being released back into the air, therefore triggering your allergies over a much linger period than they would have been otherwise.

So, what can you do to prevent your allergies flaring up in your home? Firstly, by making sure that you clean your carpets in Las Vegas regularly enough so that your allergies don’t begin to flare up further down the line, but also so that you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the carpet initially removing these allergy-triggering fibres from the air. The amount of time you should wait before cleaning your carpet varies depending on several factors, including what other materials are in the room with the carpet, as well as the types of materials and styles used within the carpet itself. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every other month, alongside hoovering to remove any obvious dirt within the carpet. This will allow your carpets to be completely “refreshed”, allowing them to hold as many allergy-causing fibres as possible after the clean, as well as freshening your room overall.

Another important factor to consider when cleaning your carpets is to ensure that the service you use to clean the carpets are to the highest quality possible. By making sure that your carpet is cleaned as well as possible helps to guarantee that as many allergy-triggering fibers are removed from your room as possible, whilst also freeing up more space within the carpet to trap allergy-fibers, overall leading to a massive reduction to how often your allergies are triggered whilst in your home.

If you have any further questions about cleaning your carpets and how this can help you to overcome your allergies, please do not hesitate to contact Triple J Carpet Cleaning.